Salvage Diver

Our Salvage Diver Projects:

Vessel recovery at pier 25

On March 28, 2018, a small vessel capsized at pier 25 in NYC. Marine Diving service provided rigging for the crane, to hoist the vessel to an upright position.

An underwater search was conducted to recover valuable items, for the vessel owner, and the crew.

Salvage Diver Projects

Raising 50 ft vessel

This salvage was performed by using a powerful 12-inch water pump. Our dive team patched hull openings, vents, and so on.

Installed water pick-up house and build hatch for air intake, to replace pumped water with air to provide needed buoyancy.

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A Rising Vessel at the Dock

Marine Diving Service, raised the vessel at the dock. The vessel was damaged during the hurricane and remained sunk for a long period of time.

We were able to raise this vessel, extract water, and install a temporary patch, later to be fixed as a concrete patch.

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Dive Demonstration During City of Water Day

Marine Diving Service is organizing an annual dive presentation, where the public can see dive demos, as well as a variety of equipment being used.

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