Professional Diving


Side scan, metal detectors, ROV…


Safety should always be a priority when diving, strapping, and rigging. A diver should always dive with a buddy, and should make sure the dive site is secure and safe before entering the water. Divers should be familiar with the dive site and all safety protocols. When strapping and rigging, all equipment should be inspected for any signs of wear and tear. Any damaged gear should not be used and should be replaced. Additionally, divers should always stay within their limits and take appropriate safety precautions.



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professional Diver


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Marine Diving Service

Our Professional Diving Projects

Billion Oyster Project

Marine Diving Service was assisting Billion oyster project organization to monitor the oyster population at the Tapanzee Bridge location.

Professional Diving Projects

Environmental Cleanup

These boats were retrieved around City Island N.Y. area. They were underwater, and for the most part, contained petroleum products still inside.

We removed those boats and prevented any further release of toxic chemicals into N.Y. waterways.

Waterfront clean up

Marine Diving Service, plays role in environmental activities, such as debris removal along our beaches and helping to protect marshes, invaluable habitats for many birds, and other animals.

MSD Marine Divers

Removing and Installing New Efficient Propellers

Navigational Aid Replacement

This navigational aid was damaged and moved from its position by moving ice on the Hudson River. New rip rap was built and a new nav. Aid was installed as a red buoy “152”

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