Marine Salvage Diver – Spread the word

Marine Salvage Diver – Spread the word


The Marine Diving Service, which is located in Croton, is not your typical business.

Zdenek Ulman, commonly known as “Z,” recalled last week that following his first scuba diving experience he decided to become a scuba diving instructor. “On my way to pursuing my dream to become a scuba diving instructor I stumbled across some of the companies doing some work around the boats and on the docks,” he said.

Ulman said he was hired to do underwater work with commercial scuba divers and his reputation in the business grew. “We did a lot of salvages and repairs and underwater cutting and search and recovery,” he said. “Later on, I decided to open up my own Marine Diving Service company for salvage and recovery because I saw a need for an organized business doing just that.”

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